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SafeFamilyLife Kits

Give the Gift of Protection

Are you looking for a perfect gift for a child, relative, friend or neighbor that is going off to college? Are you a protective parent that is apprehensive that you will not be there to protect your child as they venture off on their own for the first time? Do you want some extra peace of mind and sense of safety in your car or apartment?

If so I encourage you to look at our Safe Family Life Kits.
Each of these kits has products tailored to the specific needs of the recipient.
There are 4 kits. This is a unique packaging of products that you will not find anywhere else.

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Each kit not only has a selection of quality devices appropriate for the designed use but also has special reports for education. It is one thing to have the tools you need but having the additional knowledge on how and when to use them, as well as situational awareness and avoidance is priceless.


5 Special Safety Reports for Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit

    Apartment Complex Safety
    Five Steps to a Safer Apartment
    How to Protect Your Home and Family from a Home Invasion
    How to Select a Safe Apartment
    How to Prevent and Handle Burglaries


6 Special Safety Reports for Extreme College Survival Kit

    College and Campus Safety Tips
    College Rape Report
    How to Secure Your Dorm or Apartment
    Safe Dating
    Tools Parents Can Use to Prepare Their Kid for College


5 Special Safety Reports for Ultimate Vehicle Safety Kit

    Car-Jacking Prevention and Plan of Action
    How to Prevent and Manage Auto Emergencies
    How to Prevent Your Car from Burglary or Theft
    What to Do if you are Stopped by The Police
    What You Need to Know About Parking Lot Safety


5 Special Safety Reports for Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for women

    Safe Dating
    Self Defense Techniques
    Stay Safe While Traveling
    What to Do if you are Stopped by The Police
    What You Should Know About Sexual and Domestic Assault