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Practice Pepper Sprays

Step up your training and be prepared when you need to defend yourself. These practice sprays mimic the feel and distance of your active OC pepper spray. They use water pressurized with nitrogen to propel the water. You can choose from spray, stream of fogger. Practice makes perfect, or as my first karate instructor would say “perfect practice makes perfect”. Get the practive you need with out the cost of wasting real spray. Check out these sprays. we have 1/2 oz. stream or 2 oz. fogger or stream.

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4 Item(s)

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Question: What type should I get, spray, stream of fogger?

Answer: get one that is closest to your preferred defensive spray.


Question: Can this cause any harm?

Answer: What is being sprayed is water however it is being propelled by pressurized nitrogen. This can cause skin irritation, or if sprayed in the eyes can cause pain and burning. Like any product use common sense and caution.

Question: What are the benefits of a practice spray?

Like any activity, practice make you more familiar with the tool or product being used. This gives you more confidence, improves your accuracy with the spray, and makes you more effective if you need to use this in a real situation. Practice also makes it less likely you would ever discharge real spray by accident.