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Mace Police Strength Sprays

If you have chosen to use Mace Pepper Spray then you have made a wise decision. This powerful but non-lethal tool will stop a potential attacker in their tracks from a comfortable distance. This small device is affordable, easy to use, and extremely efficient and will take complete control of the attacker and allow you the precious time you need to flee and get help. Preparation and paying close attention to your surroundings is of utmost importance. Keep Mace pepper spray throughout your home, on yourself, and in your car. The criminal mind isn't going to give you a moment to find your weapon and it certainly isn't going to do you any good if you aren't carrying it. A weapon is not a weapon unless it is in your hand.

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Question: Would this be appropriate for a woman in an urban neighborhood? Will this work for my mother or sister if they are harassed?

Answer: This is very effective and can stop an assailant in their tracks. Like all products and devises you have to know when and how to use it. Any device needs to be combined with good situational awareness and avoidance of areas, if possible. Remember no device is effective if it is not available to you when you need it. Bad situations can happen quickly. A defensive product needs to be in your hand when you need it and not at the bottom of a purse or pocket. If it is not in your hand it is not going to work.

Question: What is the shelf life for these sprays?

Answer: All spray products purchased from Safety and Security Solutions are new. They will have a minimum of 4 years and perhaps a little more. All pepper spray should be replaced at the expiration date as they may lose their effectiveness. The last thing you want is to have to use a spray in a defensive situation and have them not be effective.


Question: What do I do with the expired canisters.

Answer: consider using these for practice containers. You can practice opening the safety and spraying quickly and can practice you aim and distance. This will give you more confidence if you ever need to use it in a real situation.

Question: Will this work in freezing temperatures?

Answer: These fine quality sprays work in all temperatures.

Question: How long does this take to wear off after sprayed?

Answer: The effects of the pepper spray can last up to 45 minutes, or longer. This is enough time to remove yourself from the area and seek help from law enforcement

Question: What type of safety do these have?

Answer: These products come with a flip top lid that must be opened and then you can access the “trigger” to depress to release the spray.

Question: What is the purpose of the UV dye?

Answer: The UV dye adheres to the person sprayed. This can then be used to identify them if apprehended at a later time. This provides additional evidence that this person was the assailant


Question: There is this huge mean pit bull that keep getting loose and I can’t never walk my dog, do this work for big mean aggressive dogs?

Answer: It might work just fine but they make specific sprays for use against dog attack. Check out Mace Muzzle which is specifically designed for dogs. There is also a product called the Super Dog chaser, a device that uses ultrasonic technology and a flashing strobe light to repel a dog