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Pepper Spray

The use of pepper spray. 

You should only use pepper spray if you are physically threatened or your life is in danger. Please note that it is crime to use pepper spray to commit malicious acts. Even though no defense item is ever 100% effective in every situation, pepper spray can help you get out of a dangerous situation in a hurry and will offer you protection when used properly. It will allow you time to get to safety and contact law enforcement.
Pepper spray will come with instructions on each package. Some are better for indoor and others outdoor use. Please see more information below so you can make an effective choice. If you are looking for something that is small and easy to carry, legal to use and can have a significant effect on anyone wishing to do you harm, then you must consider a defensive spray like we offer.




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Is Mace and pepper spray the same?

Mace, originally manufactured under the name "Chemical Mace" by Lake Erie Chemical (a former division of Smith & Wesson) in 1962, is now a registered trademark of Mace Security International. This was originally tear gas. The Mace sold today by Mace Security International is pepper spray or pepper spray combined with rather tear gas. Many other companies now manufacture similar products. "Mace" and "Pepper Spray" are frequently used interchangeable and they are the same product.

Mace was actually a consumer version of tear gas, originally used by police officers to quit riots and put criminals on the ground and also out of commission. Considering its industrial-strength chemical ingredients were created for usage with the authorities, Mace is a very able protection device in most scenarios.

Mace in its original form as tear gas wasn’t really ideal. It works, by aggravating the mucous membrane layers of a person's eyes, nose as well as throat, triggering them to tear, run and otherwise flee with discomfort. They might get a migraine, feel woozy as well as have tightness in their chest. Exactly what isn't really this ideal you ask? Well, as many cops have discovered, if a person is high on drugs, or drunk off his rocker, he won't have the tendency to really feel pain, and will continue to be aggressive and dangerous.

Go into the future generation of Mace items, consisting of items like Mace Pepper Spray as well as Mace Pepper Foam. These products have the initial Mace tear gas chemicals in them, with hot pepper mixed in, called oleoresin capsicum (OC). It is the same chemical, in hot peppers that burns your tongue as well as get you sweating. However when it comes to Mace, this capsicum, or OC for short, is very concentrated.

Rather than simply creating a person discomfort as well as tearing eyes, OC is an inflammatory, instead of just an irritant. The blood vessels in their real eyes swell to cause momentarily blindness, and they will have difficulty breathing.

Question: Which is safest for user spray or fogger?

Answer: My assumption would lean towards spray! Simply because a fog or mist would be determined strongly by environmental factors such as wind more than a spray!

Question: What is the real expiration date on this product?

Answer: All Pepper Sprays have a 4 year shelf life. However you should always replace your unit upon expiration. That is going to depend on the date of manufacture. The canisteer will have the expiraation date on the can. If there is a label pull it off and check the date imprinted on the can.

Question: What are the types of pepper spray?

Answer: Pepper spray comes in several different types. The most common are spray, fog or cone, stream, foam, and gel

Question: What is stream?

Answer:This is the most common. These are useful for distances of 10 feet or more and up to 18 feet.
The stream can be used outdoors as it is not as effected by the wind like a cone or fog will be.

Question: What is foam?

Answer:This is a newer product. It will not travel as far, with an effective range of 6-8 feet. It will cover the face however and gets pushed further in to the eyes if the person tries to rub it off. This can be used in the wind and will not blow back like cone or fog.

Question: What is gel?

Answer:Gel has greater range than foam and can be used up to 15 feet. Some larger containers are rated for up to 25 feet. This can be used in wind and similar to foam will penetrate in to eyes and nose further when wiped off.

Question: What is fog or cone?

Answer: This product is not good for outdoors if windy. The advantage is that it can cover a larger area as the pepper spray spreads out when released. These can travel 12-25 feet. This is a good choice for indoor use, and if there are multiple attackers.

Question: How does pepper spray work?

Answer: The active ingredient in pepper spray is oleoresin capsicum Commonly known as OC. This is the chemical that makes hot peppers hot. When comes in contact with the body it does several things. It is an inflammatory agent and will cause swelling of mucus membranes. This will make breathing difficult. It will also cause the person to close their eyes immediately due to the inflammation and opening the small blood vessels in the eyes (capillary dilation). The pepper spray can be mixed with a water based carrier or an oil base carrier. The oil base is harder to recover from as it is harder to remove from the body.

Question: How is pepper spray rated?

Answer: Pepper spray can be rated by the percent of active ingredient on the spray. This ranges from 5% to 18%. Our wildfire pepper spray is 18% OC. It is the hottest pepper spray on the market.
The other way to judge pepper spray is SHU or Scoville Heat Units. This is how hot it is. For example, if you cut open a hot pepper and rub it in your eyes it will be about 50 SHU. Our Wildfire pepper spray is 3 million SHU. Law enforcement pepper spray will range from 1.3 to 2 million SHU. The recommendation is that SHU is a more important consideration than OC%.

Question: How is pepper spray different than tear gas?

Answer: Tear gas is an irritant. It is not inflammatory and will not cause the effect on the vision and breathing that pepper spray will. Tear gas can take some time to have an effect. Pepper spray on the other hand will cause an immediate or near immediate effect and has the effects on the body as mentioned earlier. Pepper spray is abbreviated OC. Tear gas is abbreviated CS or CN. some products combine these in to one product.

Question: How do I pick the right size and type to purchase?

Answer: If you want to carry on you for personal protection sizes up to 2 oz. are recommended. Realize that the container has only a limited number of applications, described with each product.
If you wanted pepper spray for your car you can go to the 4 oz. size. I would recommend stream, foam or gel as you must anticipate being out of doors. For inside your home or business I would suggest a large container and a fog or cone. I would expect to use this indoors. This also covers a larger area and can spread out in the event there are multiple assailants.

Question: Does the locking method ever fail and accidentally discharge?

Answer:  Although, it can happen if you're not careful, it is rare. This is a weapon however and should be treated as such. Take care of it and it'll take care of you. It is possible to have  the trigger rotate to the fire position while in your pocket. It is rare to have it  accidentally discharged, however because it has to rotate and then be depressed. Some models have a flip top which makes it harder to accidentally discharge.