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Diversion Safes

Are you looking for a quality diversion safe that you can buy online?
Would you like one that looks like a clock, a shaving cream can, or a paint can? Safety and Security Solutions has unique products to choose from with new products added regularly.
Everyone should have Diversion Safes in their home and office. They are inexpensive and portable - they can be carried on vacation, placed in a college dorm room, even in a warehouse to hide keys, notes, or anything else you want to be kept safely stashed.

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Habits of burglars

Research says a burglar spends 8-10 minutes on the average in a victim's house so a burglar knows the best hiding places in a house to look. Burglars go to the 'normal' places that items of value would be hidden. A mattress or a loose brick in the wall or your sock drawer still are some favorite choices to hide valuables.
Thieves have become increasingly skilled at finding the hiding places in the house. People have common thought patterns, and believe me; professional burglars know how you think, better than you do. Now with the use of hidden compartments that are on our site there are alternatives to the traditional hiding places most people use.
Many thieves just want small, expensive items such as laptops, lose money, a jewelry box that is in the open or anything else that looks valuable. They want it easy to conceal and carry and they want it quick.
Even if a burglar knew about Book Safes he would never have the time to look through your entire library. Burglars want to get in and out of your house as quickly as possible.
Thieves know every minute in a house, their chances of getting away clean, go down. With Diversion Safes you create too many possibilities for the thief to have time to search them all.


Question: Do diversion safes really work?

Answer: These remarkable products are actually everyday items that are seen in any house or garage. They come disguised as soda cans, book safes, beer cans, paint cans, engine degreaser, and so many other products.
Each diversion safe and can looks identical to the actual product that it represents. The only difference is that they are hollowed out for valuables. The have enough weight to feel similar to the actual product it should contain. They and have a screw top or bottom to make it easy for you to access the hidden compartment. Inside each safe you can place anything you want that will fit - credit cards, jewelry, keys, watches money or whatever you want to keep safe but also nearby.
“Can” safes and are very inexpensive (usually under thirty dollars), need no batteries and are portable. You can find them that look right at home in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or garage.
These products all have the same purpose -- to hide your valuables in plain sight from burglars, visitors or any other person that might want to have your valuables.


Question: Why is this better than a safe?

Answer: First off is the price. A good safe can cost in the hundreds to thousands depending on size and features such as fire rating.
Interestingly if you have all of your valuables in one place, and a thief gets into the safe, then there go all your treasures together.
Many safes can be removed from your house. A determined burglar will stop at nothing once he has found a safe in your home.
Diversion Safes are portable and need no batteries or electrical outlets so they are great to take on vacation or trips.
These everyday items blend in with your other household products and decor and don't attract attention. That's why it's so important that Diversion Safes be placed in the proper room of your home so they don't look out of place with their surroundings.

Question: Why use a diversion safe?

Answer: Don't help the burglar find your treasures! Hide your money and other valuables in Diversion Safes and place the safes throughout your house to blend in so that the thief will never suspect what they hold.
Diversion Safes blend in with their surroundings and therefore are generally unnoticeable.
These products look like real, everyday products that you see around your house or garage every day.
Because these products look like the real McCoy they can be placed in your home or garage or anywhere that you'd like to hide your valuables or money.

Question: What can I hide in a diversion safe?

Answer: Many of the things we have we may not be able to hide from thieves and burglars. Your television or stereo equipment cannot be easily hidden but your antique pearls and that diamond ring you inherited from your grandmother can be easily hidden. They Key is in knowing how to hide them.
The sheer number of different designs for Diversion Safes is what makes them so effective. A thief, breaking into your home, is on a clock and the longer it runs the more frustrating it will become for them. That is the name of the game, give a burglar more places to look, more things to check, than they can possible have time to look at. Imagine the dilemma that this class of security item presents to them. How many cans of food, personal care products, and cleaner are in your home? How many cans of break cleaner, engine cleaner, liquid wrench are in your garage?
If every item in your home is a possible hiding place, you swing the odds in your favor. A burglar will not discover what he is looking for if it takes him to long to find.
One last thought, the point of Diversion Safes is make things look normal. Don't hide your jewelry in a deodorant can and then stick it under your mattress. That would be a dead giveaway.


Question: How else can I use a diversion safe?

Answer: Are you prone to lose your keys, wallet or cell phone? How about if you put them in a Flower Pot Diversion Safe that has a large enough compartment even for your wallet. Leave it on the table or living room shelf and you'll always know where you left them.
What about an extra key to your house? How about an outside Thermometer Diversion Safe, or a rock diversion safe?
A Liquid Wrench Can Safe surrounded by your other car products is a great place to hide valuables, extra keys or even important information like passwords to important websites or a flash drive with your vital information on it.
A one-gallon Paint Can Diversion Safe covered with paint on the outside can stash larger products
How many people would think to look inside an electrical wall outlet for valuables?
As you can see the options are many. You are limited only by your imagination, as the cost of these disguised safes for home is very little for the peace of mind you get by knowing your valuables are hidden in plain sight and not the common site that a professional thief would look.