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Home Protection

Are you afraid of being alone at home? Have houses in your neighborhood been robbed? Are you looking for some simple and inexpensive home security solutions? Please explore our home protection line up including voice and motion activated alarms, door and window alarms and much, much more.

Home security does not have to be costly. Integrating cost-effective but excellent quality products with common sense safety measures can go a long way to making it so the burglar will keep going on down the road rather than choose your residence. A burglar is searching for an easy score. You want to make your home less appealing.

Question: Why do I need a home protection plan?


Residence break-ins occur  every 15 secs in the United States. In around 30% the burglar gains entry with an unlocked window or door.

It is reported that the average time an intruder spends in a house is less than 10 minutes.

A lot of burglaries occur between the hours of 10am and 3pm. For homeowners and tenants, this truth shocks them. Reality is, burglars do not necessarily want a fight, they want your things. They will work when they believe no one is in the  residence.

The majority of all break-ins occur right at the front door.

2.5 million residences are burglarized annually.

Only 17% of all homes have any kind of domestic home security system.

1 in 3 household break-ins lead to assault.

85% of all break ins are done by "non" professional thiefs, increasing your chance of a confrontation.

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Question: why is an alarm system important?

Answer: It is reported that the typical time a robber spends in a residence is less than 10 mins. Anything that can speed them up or make them think they will be caught may  make them avoid your house completely.

Question: Aside from getting an alarm what can I do that costs little or no cash?

Answer: You can do a lot that will make you home less eye-catching and cost  little or no money. Some common sense ideas are:

    Maintain your doors and windows locked in at all times
    Keep the garage door shut and locked
    Have good external lighting in the evening. Take into consideration motion sensored flood lights.
    Have interior lighting with timers if you are away.
    Keep shrubs trimmed far from the house to reduce hiding areas.
    Maintain valuables unseen. Do not promote.
    Do not allow mail to build up  in the mail box or newspapers that gather in your driveway or on your veranda. This just advertises that you are not in the house.


Question: what can I do that is low-cost however reliable?

Answer: take into consideration some of the following devices:

    Simple door or window alarm

    Voice activated or motion activated alarm

    Glass break sensor

    Simple door stop alarm

    Dog bark Alarm

    TeleSpy Motion Intruder Alarm

All these cost under $99.00.

Question: do I need a safe?

Answer: some people cannot afford a safe. You may also consider one of our remarkable diversion safes. These are made to resemble normal house hold things but are really containers that you can place your belongings in and maintain them "concealed in simple view".

Question: What are different alternatives for home protection and security?

Answer: These are some options to think about and also the reason for that choice.

Camera: Security cameras can be wired or wireless. Setup is typically very simple for these kind of video cameras. This kind of safety system is most frequently located in homes, shops, malls, and business where continuous monitoring is required. Most safety and security video cameras include the option of video recording. These can be motion activated or continuous. You can have these systems operating in a short period of time.

Motion Detectors: Movement detectors are designed to detect and also protect against unauthorized accessibility to your home or business. Generally, these are put at doors, windows or main areas of entry. When breached, they trigger the alarm system.

Window and door magnetic sensors : These are a typical part of a lot of modern alarm systems and can be combined with motion detectors. The purpose of it is to determine whether a door or window is opened unintentionally. The tool will send a signal to the alarm in such an event and it will trigger the alarm making you aware of the presence of an unwanted individual.

Audible Alarms: Combined with the appropriate sensor the alarm is the warning mechanism for unwanted entry.

Home security products are the very best method to shield yourself, your family members, and also every valuable inside your residence.

From single function products to complete packages you can design a do it on your own home security system. Wireless security system items are simple and easy to install. These can be used in a single family home, an apartment, and your hotel when traveling. Do not forget your college bound relative as there are many products useful for to keep them safe as well.Please check out our complete line of products.