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  • How effective is pepper spray?

    Watch this very effective use of pepper spray by a very brave pharmacist against a man who wanted drugs. You can see how this quickly changed the situation and made him change his mind about his need for getting drugs at that pharmacy!

  • Runt Stun Gun

    This is a short post. More to come later. This is an impressive video of the Runt Stun Gun in action. This will give you a good idea of its effectiveness in a self defense situation. As with all situations you then need to take the opportunity to then escape when the assailant is trying to figure out what just hit them.

  • Situational awareness and your safety and security


    There are so many great products on the safety and security solutions website. when to use them is a matter of discussion. the late Jeff Cooper discussed situational awareness in terms of color codes. he described 4 codes: white, yellow, orange and red.

    White is when a person is relaxed but also unaware of their surroundings or any situation going on around them. Lately we all see people walking and texting, or walking in a parking lot and talking on the cell phone. Another example is a walker or runner with the ear buds and the music blasting. this person will not notice if they were entering a potentially dangerous situation.

    Yellow is when the person is relaxed but aware of what is going on around them or who is around them. this person would not be partaking in the situations mentioned in white above.

    Having a motion alarm or surveillance camera can help you maintain this level of awareness, and give you the ability to be aware of a greater area than you can see with your eyes.

    Orange means you are in a situation where your “antennas are up”. In other words something or someone has caught your attention and you perceive that you may be in a dangerous or potentially threatening situation. This does not mean you need to take action to defend yourself but you are beginning to plan possible scenarios and responses.

    Red means you are in danger. you begin to focus on your self-defense tool such as Wildfire pepper spray or your Stun gun, as well as possible responses if the situation requires it. You know this could escalate and you may need to take defensive action.

    We hope we are never in orange or red. Living life in the first level may put us in situations we could have avoided if we were walking around in yellow.

    Stay safe and secure.


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